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Our vans are stocked with a tent and individual sleeping pads for use on all other campgrounds. The full listing of all that is included in our vans is provided below.

We suggest getting some permits and reservations ahead of time for county, state and private parks; follow the link for County of Kauai Camping Permits and check out our campgrounds page for state and private park links.

Please contact us with questions.

An Inside View of Our Vans

Camper Rental Fees, Supplies, and Reviews

Daily & Weekly Rental Rate:

Rates vary based on season and length of rental. Please check our availability calendar, we do offer a weekly discounted rate for 7 nights or longer.

Hawaii State Rental Car Surcharge:

$5.00 per day

Hawaii State Tax:


Wheelbase Insurance Packages:

Vary from $20/day to $40/day

Reservation Deposit:

$250.00 goes towards the total cost of your van rental.

Cleaning Fee:

$75.00 per van

Fuel Fee:

$5 per gal if not returned full

Security Deposit:

$1000.00 held on credit card

Tent (3-6 person) / Individual Sleeping Pads

Sheets / Pillows / Blankets

Bath / Beach / Kitchen Towels

Pots and Pans

Plates / Bowls / Cups / Silverware

Cooking Utensils / Knives / Cutting Boards

Pour-over Coffee Maker

Ice Chest

Camp Chairs

Full tank of water for washing and cooking

Paper Towels / Toilet Paper / Foil

Cleaning Products: dish soap, sponges, etc.


Fire Extinguisher / First aid kit

Local maps / Brochures / Books

Full tank of PREMIUM gas

Trip Report - 10 days of camping! (Tripadvisor)

We rented a Westfalia campervan from Kauai Camper Rentals, which ended up being a fantastic decision. I LOVED having the campervan versus what I imagine it would have been like just renting a compact and tent camping the whole time. Having the sink and stove in the van made cooking/dishwashing so much easier, and there was tons of storage in the van for all our food, luggage, etc. It was also nice to have somewhere sheltered and comfortable to get ready in the mornings, eat our meals if it was ultra-windy, and sit up late playing cards (or sneaking in some Netflix on a few occasions, if I'm being totally honest!). It was also great having literally all of our stuff with us wherever we went - if we ever needed to change, wanted a cold drink or snack, etc, it was all ready to go. It was a bit nerve-wracking at first having all of our luggage with us, but we didn't bring any valuables as far as electronics and took phones/wallets with us whenever we left the car. We would also close all the privacy curtains whenever we left the van for an extended period of time; not sure if that would actually deter anyone but we did it anyway. If anyone has anyone questions about going through Kauai Camper Rental I'd be more than happy to answer, I can't stress enough what a great experience it was. -- 5/24/17 - Stacey T.
-- Read the complete review here.

A Memorable Island Adventure (Outdoorsy, 5-stars)

Spending a vacation in a vintage camper wasn’t on my bucket list but it should have been. At least I picked the right location and company to rent from. I bombarded Sarah and Josh with endless emails and questions before my trip. They patiently responded to all of my concerns and kept me up to date with not only what was being billed when but on campground information and road closures / construction both before and during my time on Kauai. I didn’t meet Josh but Sarah was easy going, friendly and very thorough in going over the workings of the camper. She made my introduction to ‘camper life’ as short and sweet as possible in order to get me on my way. I spent a week in Ulikai meaning ‘blue sea’. She / he came loaded with far more than I expected. I joked with Sarah that, had I known, I could have packed less than my already somewhat light backpack. Items included TP, small garbage bags, liquid soap for shampoo / body wash, conditioner, Off!, paper towels, dish soap, many flashlights, first aid kit, spices, olive oil, LCD lantern, GPS system and possibly the most important feature, a cigarette charger for the phone. I brought mine but it didn’t work. Also a detailed road map book that was extremely helpful and a travel guide book. Lots of thoughtful touches right down to the flower on the dash. I did opt for insurance but had no issues on the road. The camper itself was a very cool experience and IMO, was a far more comfortable and convenient option than camping in a tent although there was one stowed under the folding seat along with several chairs. Rolling into town would usually bring a smile and nod from passersby. Others would compliment me on my wheels and reminiscence about their own Westfalia days. For a day or two after returning home, I swear I could still hear the surf at night. Thank you again Sarah and Josh for adding to a memorable island adventure. -- 8/28/19 - Cat T. (NorCal)

Why we love renting from Kauai Camper Rental (Outdoorsy, 5-stars)

Why we love renting from Kauai Camper Rental: 1. There is nothing like having the freedom to explore the whole island on our own whims. 2. The vans are fully stocked with everything you need for a great holiday. You only need your clothes, basically! 3. The owners are really responsive and helpful, our locals themselves, and will pick you up right from the airport. 4. The beds are comfy!! No problems sleeping at night. 5. The price per night is economical - less than most hotels - and if you stay at a hotel you have to rent a car or pay for tours to see the island! We stayed at a resort once and even to go get decent food you needed a car! With a camper you have easy access to nice affordable restaurants or of course you can cook your own food or grab snacks or drinks from your cooler. 6. This was our routine most days - look at the detailed map (provided), choose a beach, drive there, take out the food and drinks from the cooler, as well as the beach chairs and blankets (provided), hit the beach, and just bask in the sun the rest of the day, leaving whenever we wanted or not at all! No deadlines. Absolute heaven! -- 4/7/19 - Saffron

An Amazing Experience (Outdoorsy, 5-stars)

An amazing experience that reminds you of how being a minimalist is the key to happiness. You don’t need fancy suites and room service, you need Ruby Tuesday, sunsets, fresh air and good company. We all are blessed to vacation but until you’ve rented a van from Kauai Camper Rental, you don’t know what a blessing is. Highly recommend this company, soul shining experience and the beaches of Kauai. -- 5/6/18 - Ann

One of the most memorable experiences of my life (Yelp, 5-stars)

One of the most memorable experiences of my life. Josh and Sarah made our trip unforgettable. They gave us great tips on places to go and camp. There is a great log book in the van so we could share experiences from past renters and share for future renters. We are already looking at coming back. -- 12/15/18 - Ryan K.

A Great Way to Explore the Island of Kauai (Yelp, 5-stars)

Kauai Camper Rentals is a great way to explore the island of Kauai! We rented a camper for three nights and we could not be more pleased! The team at Kauai Camper is top notch. They are professional, accommodating and know a lot about the island. They met us at a convenient location to pick up and drop off the camper, and they helped us with planing our camp sites and best driving routes. They have lots of local knowledge about the best things to do and see, including things most travel sites don't know. They are also very helpful with choosing campsites and know everyone that runs the different locations.

The camper: it is the perfect size for any driver to handle, it comes loaded with everything you need, and the team pays close attention to even the smallest details. We stopped at a grocery store after picking up the camper on the first day to buy food, beer and ice... everything else we needed was in the camper. For three nights we camped on the beach with beautiful ocean views at Kumu camp and on top of Kauai at Camp Sloggett. I highly recommend the Kauai Camper experience! -- 1/10/18 - Pat M.

Hands Down the Best Possible Way to Explore the Island (Yelp, 5-stars)

Hands down the best possible way to explore the island. If you're looking for an adventure and down to live in a van, check this out. Sarah and Josh were incredibly nice, very responsive, and laid-back. They even gave us a map with handwritten notes that helped us book campgrounds and choose places to eat/hike/swim/chill/etc. We had Patsy and just fell in love. She drove great, was very comfortable, and was fitted with any linen/kitchen supply/cleaning supply/camping gear you'd need. One of my favorite parts was writing in Patsy's journal and reading past entries. We are very thankful to Sarah and Josh because this was one of the best experiences of our lives. Hope to come back in the future. -- 9/28/17 - Shannon F.

They Could Not Have Been More Helpful (Yelp, 5-stars)

My group of 4 rented camping gear from KCR for two nights and they could not have been more helpful. From quickly responding to emails with questions about what gear they can provide, to getting us a quote for exactly what we needed, to being flexible with the gear pick-up time due to an unforseen change in our itinerary, KCR was top-notch. All of their gear was very nice and they even threw in a few extras due to the forecast for rain. -- 8/8/17 - Ryan W.

We Love Having Our Vehicle and Home All Together (Yelp, 5-stars)

My husband, our 4 month old baby, and myself just returned from a week exploring the island of Kauai in a van named Ruby Tuesday. It was wonderful! We loved having our vehicle and home all together. Made traveling with the baby easier too! The van ran really well albeit slow, but that wasn't a problem at all for cruising around. Josh and Sara were so friendly and helpful. They responded promptly when questions arose about the van. They also had great recommendations for what to do, where to camp, and restaurants. The van was well stocked with all you need for camping. We loved that this was an option for seeing Kauai and are grateful for Josh and Sara providing this opportunity!!! -- 7/25/17 - Summer S.

Josh and Sarah Were Great to Work With (Yelp, 5-stars)

Our family just had a great time in Kauai traveling all over in "Ruby Tuesday!" Our family of 4 (2 parents/2 kids aged 7 and 9) fit great in the camper. We camped on the North, East, and South shores as well as hit the mountains for a couple of days at Koke'e State park! Josh and Sara were great to work with, super prompt, very communicative, and they take amazing care of their campers! We are travelers and have camped in just about any kind of camper and this was by far the easiest kind for take down/set up. The top pops up in seconds and you are are set with your airy van, when you want to move on, just pull it back in in a matter of seconds and you are back on the road. Thanks for such a great trip to the island! -- 7/4/17 - Jessica H.

Had an Epic Adventure With Our Awesome Westy (Yelp, 5-stars)

Had an epic adventure with our awesome Westy! They are stocked with everything you could possibly need. Josh and Sarah are super informative and helpful. Best way to see Kauai without question. -- 3/29/17 - Nathaniel F.


Van Rental Options

Please select a camper's image or name below for availability of reservation dates, for equipment rental options, or to learn more; or enter your dates to see available vans. Don't see the dates you're looking for? Send us a message through the Rental Questions box above as we may be able to open something up.


Each camper is fully stocked for your Kauai adventure. Sleeping up to 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 children under the age of 10 years old.



Home is where you park it
Full size bed above and below
Choose your back yard
Lots of Breeze among the trees up top
Great space for work or play
Up top and Down below


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